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Dr. Lina Triana

Plastic surgeon in Cali, Colombia

As a woman dedicated to service, I have been given the gift me to actively live my passion: Helping others! As a mother I always remind my kids to live their passion. I repeat to them this simple phrase: That one thing you are passionate about, that’s what you must go after in life, because if you are able to live your passion every day then you’ll be living, sacrifices won’t feel like a heavy burden, but rather the engine that keeps you doing what you love the most!

And amidst this constant drive of wanting to help others, and a service heart, medicine came to me! 

And although plastic surgery as a specialty seems superficial to many, we plastic surgeons were actually born with world wars, when technology was able to save soldiers’ lives, but saving their lives was not enough, we discovered that what made a difference was giving them their life quality back.  And that is plastic surgery, it is going one step further from dealing with illness, it is working towards improving patients’ life quality.


Dr. Lina Triana

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